Tuesday, May 1, 2012
1-4 p.m.

PHX Airfield Tour
In addition to a general viewing of airport runways and taxiways, this tour will include a stop at Station 19, where participants will view an Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting demonstration. You will also visit the Phoenix Police Airport Bureau and see firsthand K-9 and bomb squad demonstrations.

Phoenix Sky Harbor Rental Car Center
This tour will showcase the 120,000-square-foot Phoenix Sky Harbor Rental Car Center (RCC), which sits on 135 acres of city-owned property and opened in 2006. The RCC accommodates ten (10) rental car companies, including their service sites. Participants will see the all aspects of one of PHX's newest buildings, which includes the longest escalator in the state, as well as its signature glass artwork designed by Ed Carpenter.

 Annual2012techie PHX Sky Train

Annual2012airportTour This tour will allow participants to board PHX Sky Train cars that will transport airport passengers and employees beginning in early 2013. This PHX Sky Train Maintenance and Storage Facility is operated by Bombardier, which will have representatives join PHX officials to provide you with a sneak peak into a high-tech system that will lessen vehicle congestion at America's Friendliest Airport.

To register for a tour, you must indicate which tour you would like to attend on your registration form. Attendees may sign up for one tour only. All attendees are required to show a government-issued photo ID or AOA badge on the tours.