82nd Annual AAAE Conference and Exposition

DFW Airport Tours

Art and Concessions Tour

The Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is pleased to showcase Terminal D, which houses the airport's $6 million art program, as well as the innovative concessions villages and the bi-directional Skylink train. This tour will highlight the passenger experience and will end at the concessions village to shop and enjoy a small reception.

Airfield/Operations Center Tour

This tour will highlight the State of the art Airport Operations Center, the new Cobus people mover, as well as the Fire Training center. Tour participants will get to ride on the AOA Airfield to experience the runway traffic system up close.

To register for a tour, you must indicate the one you would like to attend on your registration form. Attendees may sign up for one tour only. All attendees are required to show a government-issued photo ID or AOA badge on the tours.

82nd Annual AAAE Conference and Exposition